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Dr. Guillermo Marquez

Dental Procedure Implant Placement and bone Grafting.

By Dr. Guillermo Marquez / Tuesday, December 18, 2018

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Our patient Lizzie Due came to our office 6 months ago, she had broke a tooth in an accident where she hit her face against the floor. The accident damage all not only the tooth but also the bone casing her a lot of constant pain. The patient had a previous root canal and crown. When we started the procedure on the dental piece #13 we needed to do some bone grafting and implant placement to help the implant set permanent and secure. After the procedure the patient presented a good prognosis and the patient was discharge home. Asking her for a fallow up appointment. And to place the crown Lizzie came back to the second visit and to evaluate the procedure the implant was successful we toke impression for the crown and we successfully place it on the implant Our patient mouth was back to normal in a few days after that.

Dental Tourism Guadalajara Success Story

Dental Tourism Guadalajara Success Story My name is Pauline. I’m a retired nurse from the states. I needed dental care, and decided to come to Mexico for dentures. I joined many groups asking all kinds of questions, especially, about dental care. I was referred to one Clinic by many people in the area. So of course, there I go. My dentures never fit properly. One bite of food, and I’d have both food and dentures floating around in my mouth. Not good. I’d find myself taking the dentures out and gumming the rest of my meal. This wasn’t what I bargained for. When my mom first saw my new smile she told me not to smile. They just didn’t look right. They day before I fly back to Mexico, I’m eating dinner at my friends house. Again, food and dislodged dentures floating around in my mouth. I place my dentures on the table. Finish eating, and leave the table. BOOM. One of her dogs got hold of them. Need I go on? YES! On my return to Mexico, on my own, no recommendations from anyone, I see the sign for Leend Dental Clinic. You know what they say about first impressions? After walking through the door, I was immediately impressed. Modern, clean office. Professional, well groomed, neatly dressed staff greets me, in English. I ask some questions, got the answers I needed, and made my appointment. I hate dentists, by the way. From the first to the last appointment, I was treated with dignity and respect. I was in a dentists chair, and no white knuckles, no anxiety. I’m feeling quite relaxed. The staff made me feel like they really cared about me and my smile. In the end, when I got my dentures, I cried. So did mom when I sent her the picture. I have recommended Leend Dental Clinic in Mexico to many, and they have all told me how impressed, as was I, with the care they received. I smile, my new bright smile, and say I won’t steer you wrong. I believe in the staff and Leend Dental Clinic’s professional values.

Dra. Claudia Sanchez

Mouth Restoration with Crownsdentaltourismexico.com/mouth_re

I´ve been an odontologist for more than 21 years and I witnessed endless cases of people with teeth severely affected by cavities, due to lack of hygiene which it was a very common factor. In many cases had no choice but to extract the teeth and replace them with dentures. But some other times although patient gave up all hopes, and puts their trust in my hands, I can work on better options, this is why is so to have a professional clinical and radiographical evaluation such as working along with specialist on oral health, always using state of the art technology, and thanks to this I have many cases of success. One of my recent cases is a 34-year-old male patient, he came from Phoenix AZ, with severely affected teeth by cavities almost in all of his dental pieces. (img. 1 and img. 2) He came looking for extractions and dentures, after a very meticulous exam and diagnosis along with periodontal and endodontic specialists we came out with the conclusion of saving most of his teeth. Several procedures were involved such as extractions, root canal therapy, and periodontal scaling. We removed the upper right side tooth and performed a root canal to 5 upper teeth, followed by the placement of fiber posts and in one visit we place a temporary. (img. 3, img. 4 and img. 5) In conclusion, in order to restore his mouth, we work on 17 zirconia crowns, a bridge and a removable partial. The result is a very favorable prognosis and a very happy patient, which at the end of the day, this is what matters most for me. I´m very blessed by God and life to be able to become a dentist and help people to give them back their smile, oral function and consequently have a better quality of life. (img. 6 and img. 7) Dr. Guillermo Marquez.

Dr. Guillermo Marquez


A diastema (plural diastemata) is a space or gap between two teeth. It is very common for patients to come into our dental clinic wanting to “fix” their appearance due to the fact that they don’t feel confident in their smile. Dental veneers (sometimes called porcelain veneers/laminates) are thin, custom-made shells of tooth colored materials design to cover the front surface of the teeth. This treatment is perfect for people with teeth that are stained, chipped, or have gaps. Any patient who wants to change their smile’s appearance can have veneers placed. This male patient, 27 years old, came for a dental consultation for his smile’s appearance. He was insecure about his diastema and he didn’t like the stains on his two front teeth due to excess fluoride during his lifetime. He was expecting a dental whitening, but we explained that the only way to change his smile appearance permanently was with the use of veneers. (Fig. 1 and Fig. 2) Fig. 2: Black background stands out the difference in shape and color between the two frontal teeth where it compromises the smile’s aesthetic. We isolated the two frontal teeth and did a minimal invasive tooth preparation for the veneers to be as thin as a contact lens. The tooth preparation was 1mm in depth, barely visible to plain eye sight. No modifications were done to the patient’s gums and no blood, incisions or stitches was involved in this procedure. The procedure for dental veneers is pain free and comfortable for the patient. Patient leaves the dental office with temporary veneers (plastic made) and with no pain. It is not necessary prescribe any medication and there are no special indications for the patient. (Fig 3) Fig. 3: Minimally invasive tooth preparation for dental veeners. Within a few days the dental veneers were ready to be placed in mouth. Dental veneers are made by a dental technician and they are custom made for each patient. We matched the patient’s tooth color and we satisfied the patient’s needs in aesthetics. (Fig. 4) Fig. 4: Custom made dental veneers placed on patient’s cast models. Patient was satisfied with the look of his dental veneers once we tried them on. We followed a very strict protocol to bond the veneers to the natural teeth. Tooth bonding is the application of a tooth-colored material using adhesives and a curing light. This way the veneers “attach” to the natural teeth almost permanently with no bacteria or fluid filtering in between. It is a painless procedure done in a short time and with no special indications afterwards. (Fig 5) Fig. 5 : Patient with two veneers bonded to his frontal teeth. Patient wanted his veneers to look as natural as possible, so we made sure we matched the color and did characterizations simulating natural enamel. The diastema (gap in between the teeth) was closed and the shape/size of both teeth was improved and identical. This gives the smile it’s aesthetic and natural appearance. (Fig 5 and Fig 6) Fig 6. Back background of porcelain veneers where the color and size are identical. Fig 7 : Side view of dental veneers.

Dr Cesar Bernal