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Dental Tourism Mexico is a network of top dental clinics located in Mexico, specialized in dental implants with outstanding qualifications and experience, with our network you cut out the middleman and get a direct estimate from our top dental clinics.

We know that top quality materials and expert specialist will make a difference when it comes to comfort, safety and precision work

Our doctors verification process includes:
Bilingual services
Use of top brands
Continued education
5 years experience (miminum)
Manage same price list
Accept american insurance *
Offers pickup services *

We are committed to find the best options for you

Our job

Part of our job is to visit and verify the doctor’s office, do a thorough research on their clinic experiences and that meet our quality requirements. Dental Tourism Mexico is a network of dentists who specialize in dental implants and have outstanding qualifications and experience; we have clinics in the top Mexican Tourist Destinations and we look to promote only the best, offering you US quality with savings of to 75%, so you can travel and get your dental work worry-free.